Buy Britax Lighting in Beresfield

At Safety Car, we understand the danger that drivers, passengers and pedestrians face on the roads. Many of our clients face hazards at other locations, such as highways, construction sites and mines. We are conscious of what can go wrong in these environments. Especially when working long hours or completing challenging construction projects.

That’s why we supply and install lighting products from Britax. One of the most respected companies in the sector.  Britax designs and manufactures products that are ideally suited to the challenging and hazardous conditions many workers find themselves in.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, high-quality components and a top-rated research team. Britax continues to manufacture the best lighting products for commercial and industrial use. When you use Britax, you will have confidence knowing that you are keeping everyone in the area safe.

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Britax LED Beacons

Britax sells LED beacons that go from 700 to 6800 lumen. They have a shape and size that is suitable for every occasion. From LED twin beacons to LED microbars, you can purchase any device you think will be useful in your work environment. If you understand the need for added lighting, but are unsure about which model works best for you, Safety Car can help point you in the right direction.

The LED beacons are designed with durability, heat management and intense light output in mind. They ensure that everyone in the vicinity knows what is happening.exercises caution and remains safe.

LED Lightbars

The BF1200 LED Lightbars from Britax feature an amber solid-state LED light and a 360-degree high-intensity output. They are specially designed to deliver the value, performance and durability Australian clients need. In any situation, where you need a warning vehicle with a powerful and easy-to-see light, the LED Lightbar is a perfect fit. This bar comes with a controller that provides an easy way to control the 33 built-in flash patterns and LED work light modules.

LED Utility Bar

A versatile and robust utility bar. T he LED Utility Bar from Britax is perfectly suitable for mining vehicles, service vehicles, construction vehicles and machinery, earthmoving equipment, contractor vehicles, tradesmen’s vans and more.

The bar has an anodised aluminium support bar, while it offers flexible mounting options for work lights, beacons, tail lights, reverse alarms and more.

Many clients find the LED Utility Bar is so powerful that it can replace standard vehicle roof racks for carrying equipment such as ladders, electrical tubing and pipes.

Britax Quartz Halogen Beacons

The Quartz Halogen Beacon. It helps provide excellent visibility, and is tested against the elements and built to last.

The beacon is another excellent option for construction, roadwork, mining, municipal or other vehicles that serve to warn passers-by about work taking place at a specific location.

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