Here is why online is wrong when buying roof racks

Dear Purchaser

Roof Racks are not a simple thing to just choose off the internet. A lot of items are very easy to buy online, I do it myself. With roof racks there are so many variations for each vehicle made.

I see it often at our shop when customers will ask us to do the installation of what they bought online. Yes we will install it, but so often it’s not the product they should really have.

When you call us, we will ask you a series of questions to determine the best option for you. It may be a combination of part numbers that are not available on the internet sites, or it may be one of ten different choices from just one website.

We can still dispatch the product to you via courier. We can still do credit card payments. either over the phone or we can send you an invoice with bank details or send you a PayPal invoice if you feel safer doing it that way. You can remotely buy from us and get the right product first time. That’s why the phone call is so very important when buying Roof Racks. After all, they aren’t a cheap item

   So if you want to buy online. Please call us first so you don’t get it wrong. Wrong = Expensive.

  Thanks for listening.

 Cheers, Tom

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