Reliable Vehicle Lighting in Beresfield

Vehicle lighting is an integral aspect of road safety. It can also enhance the driving experience when you are on the road for many hours at night.

Safety Car is here to help you identify which vehicle lighting systems and accessories will prove most useful for your vehicle. We supply and install a vast range of products from the Britax Automotive Catalogue. Clients can visit the Britax website if they want more information about their catalogue.

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What type of lighting products do you sell and install?

When you come into Safety Car, you can buy lighting products such as:

– Tow truck light bars
– LED light bars
– Spot lamps
– Work lamps
– Flashing roof light
– Interior van lighting

Why invest in vehicle lighting?

You may wonder about the usefulness of investing in additional vehicle lighting. Our answer is that it depends on your circumstances. For instance, many of our clients are running small businesses where they use work trucks and vans as a part of their operations. If you are transporting goods, you will want to ensure your drivers are safe on the road and clearly visible to others.

High quality LED light bars and other vehicle lights can make all the difference for a driver’s field of vision. Many people assume these lights are only about aesthetics, but they provide a practical benefit if you are on the road a lot, especially after dark.

Another circumstance where you may need LED lights is if you are running a mobile mechanic, plumbing business or similar service. A well designed lighting system will ensure your tools, equipment and fixtures are always visible, which is important when offering emergency services.

With quality Britax lights installed in your truck, a single flick of the switch provides a clearly lit view of everything inside your vehicle—whether it is your back seat or storage area.

Britax Lighting

Britax products include LED beacons, light bars, utility bars and more. Their beacons are excellent for commercial clients who may find their vehicles in potentially dangerous circumstances. Having an LED light that flashes from the top of your van or utility truck means that anyone who is walking or driving by can see your vehicle. It also means that construction personnel can see the vehicle while they are working in the dark.

If you are looking to invest in Britax lighting gear for your domestic or commercial vehicle, you have come to the right place. Safety Car sells and installs all Britax products in Beresfield and surrounding areas.